Colde Poem | Perfect appearance in studio Colors

Colde Poem . Colde release a new single album Poem consist of 2 tracks. He also make a special clip in the renowned Colors studio.

Colde Poem

Colde poem is a single album consist of 2 tracks. The song is actually an unreleased song that Colde had perform before.

Colde Poem tracklist

  • Wall (prod Stally)
  • Shhhh (prod Apro)

Colde recently also visit Colors studio to make a special clip of ‘Shhhh’. Colors studio is a renowned studio in Germany where countless top artists have perform there. You probably know it from Dean ‘Love’ before.

Colde ‘Shhh’ A colors Show

Colde make a special clip of ‘Shhh’ in Colors studio. The track is produced by Apro & the vibes is so chill ~ . Colde also show a variety of skills in this track, Colde even rap on 1:51 minute mark. It’s a nice change of Pace and make this track so lively.



My personal favorite is actually the first track ‘Wall’ prod by Stally. The track vibes is really hit the right spot. Acoustic guitar & Colde voice really suit the weather & seasons. Colde also give his rap in the middle of he song. This is a trend that i really like.

Colde also have a short interview with Colors studio to introduce himself & poem single album.

Poem is a great single album from Colde. Colde been really active this year, yet he still so much under the radar. Let’s keep supporting Colde for next year also !!


Listen & Purchase Colde single album on Spotify, Melon, Genie, Naver & Bugs.



What do you think of Colde Poem single album ?? Which track is your favorite ?? Leave your comments below !!