Loco Army | military service on 7th February 2019

Loco Army. We don’t want to read the two letter together, but now we need to prepare ourselves to say goodbye to our rapper.

Loco rapper Army

Loco Army. Kwon Hyukwoo  is going to the army & do his mandatory military service. As a Korea music fans, we all knew this day gonna come eventually, Loco is adding more Rapper that going to serve in the army this year. Are we ready yet ? No we’re not…

The rumor of Loco enlistment have been around since August, Many citizen spotted Loco taking a health exam for the mandatory military service. AOMG Official already confirmed back then that Loco is indeed applying for Mandatory Military service, but we don’t know it will be this fast.

Spotted Loco Army test

Loco Army

Many is asking why Loco enlisting ? The new rules (2018) of South Korea conscription state that every male over 28 years old  (korea Age) can’t postponed their enlistment date for any reason whatsoever. It means that ever male that born earlier than 1989 will need to enlist on 2018 & 2019. He born on 25th of December 1989, He can’t no longer postpone his enlistment date according to the new conscription rule.

Loco will going to the military on 7th of February 2018, where he will be in a police force alongside Hanhae. Police force takes a longer time to finished ( 21 months at least) instead of Special force, Army soldiers, Navy & Air force who only need 14 – 16 months.

‘Hello’ EP Teaser

AOMG Official confirm that Loco enlistment date is approaching soon, on 7th of February 2019 to be exact. Loco gonna release a EP ‘Hello’ (In Korea it’s annyeong it also means goodbye) that will be released on his enlistment Date. Before his enlistment date, Loco also join AOMG US & Canada Tour, perform on events & appear many times on TV.

‘It’s Dangerous Outside The Blanket’ cover

Loco enlistment date

Kwon Hyuk woo (loco Real Name) have reach mainstream popularity this year after several of his song top the charts. Loco also steal the entertainment industry by becoming a permanent cast on several TV shows like ‘It’s Dangerous outside the Blanket’ & ‘Eat in Style’.

Don’t forget to Follow Loco activities on his Instagram : @SatgotLoco  His Agency AOMG : @Aomgofficial & Also his dog Instagram ; @hello_latte . We gonna wait for you Locochu !!



What do you think of Loco army ?? Let’s support our Loco until the day he say a goodbye for a while.

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