Killagramz Lonely EP | with Gloomy Lyrics

Killagaramz Lonely EP , Killagramz recently release Lonely EP. The EP have a hint of loneliness from him, just check out Killagramz lyrics.

Killagramz Lyrics

Killagramz recently release a ‘Lonely’ EP. There’s 3 track inside the EP. Killagramz Lyrics show the other side of him.

Killagramz Lonely EP Tracklist :
-- Lies
-- Your Morning
-- How Are You Doing


Killagramz is trying new stuff in this EP. Let’s forget Energetic & Cheerful Killa for a moment, let’s meet a gloomy Killa for ‘Lonely’ EP.

Killagramz ‘Lies’ from Lonely EP

Killagramz release the special track for the title track ‘Lies’. This track set the tone for other tracks in Killagramz ‘Lonely’ EP.

the hook of Killagramz ‘Lies’
“It’s gonna be all right.
I’ll be back.
Just wait a little longer
I’ll be in touch soon

Your lies is like that. ey ey 
Keep lying to me, ey ey “


We usually know the cheerful & energetic Killagramz, a Lonely Killa actually sounds as good as the energetic one. Killa also use his unique voice for singing & it sound really sweet even though the lyrics isn’t correlated with that flavor.We always knows Killagramz can sing since his appearance on King of Masked Singer.



Killagramz keep exploring new styles of creating music this year. He actually been under the radar since his SMTM 6 appearance, he already release Three EP This year yet not many noticed. Killaramz is more known for his radio & TV Appearance this year.

Killagramz ‘Icebox’ from Hue EP

2018 have been interesting years of Killagramz music journey. It starts with several styles of music in ‘Princess’ EP, then move to fun summer songs in Hue EP. Now we got a gloomy Killa being lonely in November.

It’s nice to see Killagramz exploring new stuffs on his music. His unique voice really suit every kinds of Genre, i can’t wait to see what he try next. Keep going Killa !!


Finally, Listen & purchase Killagramz Lonely on Spotify, Melon, Genie, Bugs & Naver



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