School Rapper 2 contestant & Agencies | Where are they ??

School rapper 2 contestant with their Agencies. School Rapper 2 take the KHH scene by Storm & produce tons of talented young generation rapper. The Kids now have new family, let’s check em out !

School Rapper 2 contestant

Most of School Rapper 2 Contestant have a new family now !! They still contact & be friend with each other even though they already walk on their own path.

Kim Haon / HAON

School Rapper 2 Kids with their Agencies

School Rapper 2 winner Kim Haon is joining H1GHRMUSIC !! This come to no surprise because of his last performance on Final featuring H1GHRMUSIC member Sik-k. Haon sign to one of the most rising hiphop label H1GHRMUSIC & always having fun with his hyung that adore him so much.

Haon is one of the most active rapper from this crop of young rapper. Kim Haonalready release an EP ‘NOAH’ & several singles. He also been active on TV Show, He currently appear on 2 variety show ; JTBC ‘Cool Kids’ & MNET ‘Kkondae Live’. Psst, Haon also meet Twice & it’s so cute ~

Kim Haon Birthday  7 July 2000

IG : @noahmik


Lee Byungjae / Vinxen

School Rapper 2 contestant

Vinxen jump to peak of his popularity during School Rapper 2. Vinxen actually already signed to Romantic Factory agency before School Rapper start. Romantic Factory is a small agency with talented singer & rapper like Piano Man & Ovan.

Vinxen is also active musically, where he already release his 1st EP, several singles & also had his 1st solo concert ‘Aquarium’. He also become a guest on several variety shows, mostly talking about his EP & School rapper Journey.

Vinxen Birthday 20 april 2000

IG : @Kiff_vinxen



Lee Rohan / Webster B / Rohann

School Rapper 2 Kids with their Agencies

Webster B the VIP sign into Vis Major Company. Webster B always wanted to sign with a company that appreciate Boombap style of music. He choose the right one as VMC is one of the company that still use that ‘Rough’ style of rap in this day & age.

Webster B already officially change his name from Bae Yeonsoo to Lee Rohan, he been through a lot of hardship because of his parents issue but now he can move forward without any worries. He also change his stage name from Webster B to Rohann recently.

Webster B Birthday 4 june 2000

IG : @rohannlxiv



School Rapper 2 Kids with their Agencies

Yenjamin Signs to Brand New Music few months ago. The Leader of Kiff Clan been working hard ever since. Yenjamin already had few tracks, one is ‘Placebo’ with fellow Kiff Clan members.

Yenjamin & Brand New Music recently have a MT & it actually for Variety show on E Channel program ‘Star Outing : Nolvengers’ We can’t wait for Yenjamin in that program later.

Yenjamin Birthday : 5 March 1999

IG : @Kiff_yenjamin



Jo Wonwoo/H2adin/JoWonu

Jo Wonwoo join Hi-Lite

Jo Wonwoo sign into Hi-Lite records, He’s the last finalist of School rapper 2 to find a new family. It’s still unknown how H2adin & Paloalto company join together, Because he didn’t get a lot of airtime on SMTM 777.

He won’t use the name H2adin anymore as a stage name. Jo Wonwoo will use a simplified name Jo Wonu for future activities. We can’t wait to see Jo Wonu activities as Hi-Lite records, all we know that Hi-Lite records will have 2 freestyle rapper (HuckleberryP & Jo Wonu).

Jowonu Birthday 15 October 2000

IG : @Jowonu


Pullik / Park Junho

Pullik Grandline

Pullik is the latest rapper from School rapper 2 that have a new family. Former semifinalist Park Junho is joining Grandline entertainment !! He also gonna release a single album ‘Clique’ on 24th of February 2019.

Pullik Birthday 21 April 1999

IG : @pullik_99.04.21


There still  more High School Rapper 2 contestant that already have a new family, Check out on the next page !