Ash Island Ambition Musik ! Yoon Jinyoung / Clloud

Yoon Jinyoung Sign to Ambition Musik !! Former School rapper contestant Yoon Jinyoung or also known as Clloud is signed to Ambition Musik. He will be known as Ash Island from now on. Welcome to the gang !!

Ash Island Ambition Musik

Ash Island Ambition Musik. Former School rapper contestant Yoon Jinyoung sign to Ambition Musik !!! Yoon Jinyoung will join the already established Ambition trio Changmo, Hash Swan & Kim Hyoeun. The 4th member & new Maknae will promote under a new name Ash Island.

Ash island is actually the name Yoon Jinyoung picked up few weeks ago . He also change his music & rapping style from before which should’ve be a hint (which even i not expected) for his new family. Ambition Musik.

Here the Teaser of Ash Island debut track in Ambition Musik

Yoon Jinyoung gonna debut as Ash Island in Ambition Musik. He gonna debut right away with a new track ‘Deadstar’ . The MV already recorded & ready to be released later on 6 PM KST. Ambition Musik really work ASAP introducing their new maknae.

Ash Island How R U

Ash Island already debut with a track ‘How R u’ last week. When i listen to the track now, it’s kinda obvious what is Ash Island music influence. Listen & purchase Ash Island track ‘How R U’ in DeezerGenie, Naver, Melon & Bugs.



As one of the finalist on School Rapper 2, Yoon jinyoung it takes a while for him to decide which agency he gonna join. In an interview months ago, Clloud said that he’s been getting calls from different agency, even from idol group agency wanting him to be an idol ! Yoon Jinyoung take his time & decide he gonna join Ambition Musik which i believe is a great decision.

Ambition Musik is one of the rising agency of 2018. Changmo is active as a producer & recently released a remix track of Team 119 track ‘Red Alert’, Hash Swan is one of the most popular Concert/event guests, & Kim Hyoeun been really active since his appearance on SMTM 777. Ambition Musik have a new Maknae Ash Island now !



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