Ja Mezz Pink is The new Black | Unleash inner Pink Panther

Ja Mezz Pink is the new Black. Few days ago Ja Mezz release a new track Pink is the new Black featuring Salu. Ja Mezz unleash his inner Pink Panther in the track & MV, literally.

Ja Mezz Pink is the New BLack

Few days ago, on 15th of November 2018, Ja Mezz release a new track titled ‘Pink is the New Black’ . This track featured SALU & have lots of interesting thing inside, check it out !

Ja Mezz Pink is The New Black Reviews

Pink panther, this is not your usual hiphop/rapper theme. Beside the obvious Pink panther Set/storyline in the MV (Pink Detective, Pink panther stuff all over the place & more). Pink is the New Black also feature a Pink panther BGM that we all know in the background.


Ja Mezz ‘Pink is The New Black’ feat Salu MV

Salu also featured in this track. Japan based rapper featuring with Korea rapper or vice versa is more common nowadays. Even though the K-pop & J-pop tension is high, Korea & Japan hiphop is relatively friendly with recent collaboration. Another collaboration that happen recently is Utada Hikaru feat EK & Reddy feat Sky Hidaka.



Music wise, Ja Mezz is exploring new territory, he’s not just sticking to his usual style of music & settle. It’s nice to see rapper using this kind of unique theme as concept. Looking forward to other rapper following suit !

Ja Mezz & Salu also did an interview with Grandline for his new track ‘Pink is the new black’. You can check how they meet, the concept for the track, MV & more interesting stuff in the interview


Ja Mezz & Salu ‘Pink is the new Black’ interview

Ja Mezz have been collecting Pink panther stuff for a while, even his car is customized with Pink Panther style ! I never expect Ja Mezz to actually make it as a theme for his new song but he actually did it.


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