SMTM 777 Semifinal Power Ranking (With rumored featuring)

SMTM 777 Semifinal !
Check out the Power ranking & prediction of SMTM 777 Semifinal with  rumored featured artist (take this with a pinch of salt because the rumor is not 100% accurate).


Number 6 (most likely eliminated)

OLNL battle Kid Milli on the Semifinal, it’s a hard matchup fighting against a technician in Kid Milli. OLNL mostly use catchy hook & sing-rap that a total opposite of Kid Milli refined technique.Unless OLNL step up a gear & show a rap like in ‘119’ It’s still hard imagining OLNL winning.

Seo Samuel

OLNL is rumored to featured with Seo Samuel, Seo Samuel probably gonna give a romantic/sweet vibe but it wont enough to move the audience to vote for him.
Verdict : Eliminated by large margin

Number 5 (Could Pull an Upset)

pH-1 will be higher in this list if he battle anyone but Nafla. Nafla popularity & track records show he wont go down anytime soon. If someone gonna pull an upset, it’s gonna be Harry. The chance is small but it’s not zero.

There’s 2 Variable that can carry pH-1 into the biggest Upset on SMTM 777. Beats & Jay park. Having popular beatmaker from his family (Code Kunst/Gray/Woogie) could rake up Harry scores. Jay Park stage also something to look forward to.

Verdict : Eliminated, Nafla make another Comeback in the 2nd round voting

Number 4 (too Close to call)

Loopy battle Superbee on the Semifinal. Judging by recent performance, Loopy winthe edge against Superbee (Loopy won the diss battle & have better scores on top-12). But superbee got the experience & 1llionaire Crowd behind him. It’s gonna be a close fight

Arguably the most popular rapper of the 2nd half of 2018, Simon Dominic is rumored to be featured in Loopy stage. Ssamd is surefire vote getters but Superbee got someone who is (or at least was) as popular as Simon Dominic.

Verdict : 50-50 with Superbee

Number 3 (too Close to call)

Superbee is the last hope of Illionaire x Ambition. He got the crowd behind him this time around. Superbee Semifinal teaser also look promising. He got Loopy on his way though, it’s not gonna be a flower roads ahead.

Superbee is rumored to partnered with Bewhy for the Semifinal. Bewhy bring nearly as much (If not the same) star power as Simon Dominic. It would be a big note if Bewhy rap would outshine Superbee rap.

Verdict : 50-50 with Loopy

Number 2 (Should go to the finals)
Kid Milli

Kid Milli face his close friend OLNL. Albeit any anomaly (OLNL sudden rapping growth & Kid Milli forget lyrics). Kid Milli pretty much secure a spot on the final.

Kid milli is rumored to have Justhis as special guest. Their chemistry as fellow Indigo Music is not in question, this collaboration should be a homerun as long as they dont recycle their old songs.

Verdict : Finalist, win against OLNL by quite a margin

Number 1 (Be careful of upset)

SMTM 777 Semifinal Nafla

NA to the FLA ! Before the show even started, everyone consider Nafla as the frontrunner of SMTM 777. Nafla still win last time against a combination of VMC + 1llionaire. Let’s see if H1GHRMUSIC is up to the task this time around.

SMTM 777 Semifinal Gaeko

Gaeko is probably won’t be as par as Jay park in terms of Star Power. People often forget that Gaeko is a great featuring artist that help lots of artist (Heize, Dean, Zion T, Crush, Gary) song top the charts.

Verdict : SMTM 777 winner if he beats pH-1

SMTM is always full of surprise, this is just a summary to give you a head start !

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