Eliminated SMTM 777 Contestant | 12 Rappers leave Too Early

Eliminated SMTM 777 Contestant always leave more question than answer, we look back at the show & wonder how far will they go if they doesn’t get eliminated??



Eliminated SMTM 777 contestant. It’s always happen every season, where talented contestant were eliminated too early, What if this contestant goes further ?? Will they be more successful today ?? That’s the question that we can’t answer, but we can answer which contestant should’ve pass the audition and go further in the show.

12. Choi Eunseo

Choi eunseo is one of the young rapper that steal the 1st Episode alongside D.ark. only 2005 Liner, Choi Eunseo have a really bright future ahead.

Real Events: Choi Eunseo get picked by D.ark & lose the 1 vs 1 vs 1 battle in the 3rd Round

What If : Choi Eunseo could’ve continue if he battle others in the 3rd Round. 
Probably will go as far as Team Selection where it gonna be hard for him to  compete unless he did really well on Team Nafla vs Superbee Battle.

Verdict : Should go as far as Team Selection

11. Dayday

SMTM Veteran Dayday try his luck again one more time.
Dayday barely got enough Airtime on SMTM 777 (Good thing he battle Superbee & Chaboom).

Real events : Dayday hold his own against Superbee & Chaboom there, but out of Favor from the producer & eliminated in the 3rd round

What if : Dayday could’ve go under the radar & Battle the other rapper instead of the big one, (i wished Dayday Battle Louie & JJK it gonna be aired as battle of the veteran!).

Verdict : Dayday could go as far until the Team Selection, If Lucky could be picked by Team AOMG

10. Bully da Bastard

School Rapper Contestant Yoon Byungho go to SMTM 777 with a high hopes. Bully arguably show his best rap on his SMTM 777 Appearance, yet he eliminated Two times (3rd Round & Survival round).

Real Events : Yoon Byungho decide to step up when no one want to battle Nafla in the 3rd round. He show his guts & best rap but Nafla is a level above.
Bully da Bastard given 2nd Chance but meet Chaboom, Bully da Bastard rap didn’t live up to his 3rd round round rap & he eliminated again.

What If : Bully could’ve gone under the radar & battle other contestant instead of stepping up against Nafla. Joining Team VMC (again) should Show Bully true talent.

Verdict : Top 16 (Team VMC)




9. Chin Chilla

Chin chilla the ‘YOUNG WAVE’ come to SMTM 777 with a big hype. Many say he was eliminated too early on School Rapper 2 & he gonna show his real talent on SMTM 777.

Oh Damryul biggest weapon is his trendy vibe & Stage energy. He didn’t show both on his only stage of SMTM 777.

Real events : Chin Chilla Show an okay rap but a repetitive of his performance on School Rapper 2, he got eliminated right away.

What if : Chin Chilla should overwhelm other competitor with his Stage energy on 3rd round. We could’ve seen a run like Woodie Gochild on SMTM 6; Carrying Signature sound, Trendy beats (DOPFLAMINGO!!) & stage energy.

Verdict : Top 16 (Team Quamo / Just Music)

8. Sway D

Hi-Lite Records Sway D is on the upward trend before he join SMTM 777. Sway D start to get recognition & make weekly appearance on clubs all over South Korea. Sway D Style of Rap is not in favor of the Producers on early 2nd round SMTM 777 (Just like Dbo nearly eliminated).

Real events : Sway D use a steady sing-rap that built up into the Climax. All the Contestant is enjoying it but the Producer have different thought. 

What if : Sway D Style of Rap should bode well with the Producers as time goes on, He have lots of good song in his disposal also so it shouldnt be hard imagining him pass the 3rd & 4th round.

Verdict : Top 16 (Team Quamo/Team Code Kunst x Paloalto)

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