Drunken Tiger Final Album | Retiring Tiger JK Name

Drunken Tiger Final Album will be released on 14th of November 2018, Also retiring his ‘Drunken Tiger’ name

Drunken Tiger Final album

Drunken Tiger  Final album. Tiger JK will release his Last & Goodbye album on 14th of November 2018. This album mark Tiger JK 20th Year debut anniversary on the Korea Music Scene. 

Tiger JK Will retire his ‘Drunken Tiger’ name after he release this album. He will known only as Tiger JK for his future activites. Tiger JK still have scheduled concert, Tour & Events to attend later this year. Drunken Tiger already make more than 150 songs in the last 20 years, this is a monumental moment where Drunken Tiger will put his last mark on Korean Hiphop Legacy.


Drunken Tiger Monster MV



Drunken Tiger goodbye album will be a tribute to his longtime fans that already follow & Support his activities since long time ago. As a Pioneer, Drunken Tiger already bring lot of people to the Korea Hiphop & Korea Music. 

This Album will also be a critic to Korea Music Chart rank where the Song goes really popular but have a shortspan of lifetime. As We Know Drunken Tiger have a lot of Long Lasted legendary song such as ‘Do You Know Hiphop?’, ‘Good Life’, ‘Monster’ & many more ! Drunken Tiger final album already released, check out our review here.


Make sure to follow Tiger JK on Instagram :@drunkentigerjk & Agency @FeelghoodmusicOfficial. Drunken TIger also become the PR ambassador of Uljeongbu !!


Thank you Drunken Tiger, we gonna make sure your legacy is being passed on to the younger Generation !

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